Thursday, 14 January 2010


योगेन चित्तस्य पदेन वाचाम्
मलं शरीरस्य च वैद्यकेन

यो पाकरोतं प्रवरं मुनीनाम
पतञ्जलिम् प्रान्ज्लिरान तोष्मि
आबाहु पुरुषाकारं शङ्ख चक्रासि धरिणं
सहस्त्रशीर्षं शेतं
प्रणमामि पतञ्जलिं ॥
Let us bow before the noblest of sages Patanjali, who gave yoga for serenity and sanctity of mind,grammar for clarity and purity of speech and medicine for perfection of health.Let us prostrate before patanjali, an incarnation of Adishesha,whose upper body has a human form,whose arms hold a conch and a disk,and who is crowned by a thousand white headed cobra.

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